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Life and Time

“न मोहब्बत न दोस्ती के लिए    वक़्त रुकता नहीं किसी के लिएI”   “Be it either Love or Friendship, Time waits for nothing.” Lines from a song by Jagit Singh True words spoken in a beautiful manner. Yes, they are true to the core indeed. Time waits for nothing. It’s just us, human beings, who can wait for things or people in life. Get stranded in one place for a mere emotion or feeling. […]

The Empty Coffin

There lays a coffin buried deep within the soil of a soul. But, it’s empty. It doesn’t contain a pair of hands and legs with a head and torso in between. But it contains something else. It contains the last remains of a bond. A bond that died. No! It was murdered! Slaughtered by the two people who shared it. Once upon a time, there was this person, and this person met this other person. They met at […]

A Coincidence

The inside of the AC 2 Tier compartment of the Jaipur Mysore Express was dark. After all, the time was 9:55 pm and after dinner, sleeping is the best activity that passengers preferred while traveling on a train. The last station to pass was Sawai Modhopur and there was still some time for Kota to arrive. Being a journalist is a job on wheels. It’s a job with good returns but no time to enjoy […]