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The Empty Coffin

There lays a coffin buried deep within the soil of a soul. But, it’s empty. It doesn’t contain a pair of hands and legs with a head and torso in between. But it contains something else. It contains the last remains of a bond. A bond that died. No! It was murdered! Slaughtered by the two people who shared it.

Once upon a time, there was this person, and this person met this other person. They met at some college where they came to study. Living away from home. Sparks flew…not like it happens in a love story. They became friends but, there was something wrong with their friendship. They constantly disagreed and had fights that lasted days and sometimes even months. But, every time, they used to come back together. Giving the gossiping mouths a new topic to discuss every once in a while. And on top of that, they even began to live together like roommates after a while. Imagine that! But after a while, even these constant fights and reunions became a very predictable affair and everyone got bored of talking about them. But they continued over a period of no less than 3 years.

Let’s call these two persons P1 and P2. Now there was a complication. This P1, I don’t know how fell in love with P2. It just happened somehow. But it was very difficult for P1 to disclose its feelings. It added to P1’s frustration. Plus there were other random people vying for P2’s attention. Some of them outwardly came forward about how they felt. A few became P2’s friends. This all looked so unfair to P1. But poor P1 couldn’t do anything in this regard other than lamenting about it in the stories that it wrote. Time flew by. There came a time when P1 and P2 couldn’t look each other in the eye anymore. Something went very wrong in their last fight. P1 shifted to some other place. Every reason for staying together vanished. And three months passed. Then one chilly winter night, P2 missed P1 a lot and sent a message to P1. P1 obviously replied as P1 was in love with P2 and constantly missed P2’s company. So, again a sort out happened in which P1 disclosed its feelings for P2. P2 understood P1’s state of mind and they became friends again!

Too different to be together?

P1 started cherishing every moment spent in P2’s company. It was like falling in love with P2 all over again. P1 can now discuss everything felt by it with P2 freely. But, all of it didn’t sound good to P2. P2 always had this thing for right or wrong. Sometimes it felt that P2 lived for the world more than itself. What would people say, was more important to P2 in life. Sophistication, mannerisms and social conduct mattered a lot for P2. Nothing in this world can stand in front of P2’s ego. But, P1 was like a wild lion. With raw emotions and a good and caring heart. Outbursts were a common thing for P1. Something which didn’t go that well with P2’s composed nature. It was just like fire to ice. The fire was in love with ice but ice couldn’t take fire for a long time. Because it didn’t like melting into water.

In the last semester of college, one more fight ensued. It lasted forever. This time P1 got hurt badly. Then there came a time when P2 opened its arms to embrace P1 again like a friend. But P1 has already had enough of this and backtracked. P1 even said that P2 was dead for it. I guess even P2 got hurt. And they left college, not as friends but as strangers.

Then again after a month, P2 messaged P1. It was a sarcastic comment. P1 felt offended and replied back. Again they had a heated argument and again the fated sort out. Whoa! They became friends again! They started a new life in a new city. A life full of big dreams. But there were the old differences again. And soon the old fights conquered the new life. There was no peace. P1 understood one thing in this mess that P2 can never accept it the way it was. P1’s first mistake was taking the decision to be friends with someone it was in love with. P1’s second mistake was taking the decision to live with the person it was in love with. And P1’s third and last mistake was to expect that P2 will accept or at least understand P1 one day. It never happened because it was never meant to.

But, there came a time when P2 again wanted to do a sort out. But P1 denied. Because the desire to defend and renew this bond was dead inside P1. P1’s heart was finally broken. The bond felt heavy and all-consuming and P1 just didn’t have that much energy left to put in the bond anymore. Maybe P1 had realized finally that no matter how many efforts it puts into the bond, it never works. Maybe it’s never meant to work. Maybe it’s meant to die. P2 had already stabbed it so many times. P1 also inflicted the final stab which turned fatal and the bond died. Slaughtered by the two people who shared it. It resides inside the empty coffin now. May it’s soul rest in peace. Amen

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