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I always had this complaint with life and with God in general. That why am I so unlucky? Why am I the least loved? Why do I always get pain and suffering in life? I read it somewhere, once that good things only happen with good people. Although I don’t remember where I read it I understand the meaning of these words today. Science has always told us that the world is round. Something that goes around comes back to us. So does words and deeds. The words that come out of our mouth, our actions and deeds also rotate and come back to us. We have to be a good person first for good things to happen to us.

If I steal other people’s belongings, I myself won’t have anything to call my own. If I beat somebody, I’ll be beaten by life. If I kill somebody my own life won’t be much more than death. It is also the same with hurt and pain, love and hate. When I hurt someone, someone else hurts me back. When I rebuff the love of a loving and caring person, some other person whom I love a lot rejects it. I give pain and the pain comes back to me. It is a long chain that goes on and on. Tears for tears, scars for scars and so on. The list is endless and so is the suffering and thus the complaints. We all have to admit one thing though, that this world is full of complaints which have got no solutions. The poor complaint that they don’t have any money, the rich complaint that they don’t have enough time. The soldiers’ complaint that there is no peace. It’s always a situation of war. The people complaining that the government is incapable of handling the issues facing the country. The government complained that people aren’t co-operative. I guess if on an average a person lives for say 65 years, out of these at least 35 years go away in the mere act of complaining. I wonder how God processes so many complaints in one day. Hats off to you my almighty father! You have got the toughest job in this world.

Soldiers at war.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I know why my life is so full of complaints. I am not a good person. Yes, there are people whom I have hurt, told lies to, stole other people’s happiness, and caused discomfort, pain, and suffering. I never cared for the people who loved me. And that’s what I have got in return. Hate, pain, and suffering. I have given tears and have received them in abundance too. But, it’s enough now. I am tired of all these things. Tired of being the wrong person and the wronged person. Yes, good things always happen to good people. I want good things to happen to me now. I want to be a better person now.

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