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I realize it now

I realize it now, how it must feel to be responsible for someone. How our parents and elder siblings must have felt to be responsible for us. How it must feel to see a piece of your heart walking outside into the world.

I realize it now, how difficult it must be for the persons who feel responsible for us, to be strict and firm with us. To be hard on us to make us realize the things that they already know about the world.

I realize it now, how they must feel when we don’t listen to them, disrespect them, retort and criticize them.

I realize it now, how difficult it is for them to be angry with us when we are living under the same roof and not talk to us for days on end, but still, love us every day. Sleep next to us.

But still, they do it, because there is no other way to make us realize the importance of something. The importance of family and love and care for example. I surely realize it now.

I realize it now that whatever they do is a part of their love and support. Anger, being strict, harsh words and everything else. They are the ones who are always worried about what we are doing even if we are not.

I realize it now, how it feels to be treated like that. How they feel when we raise our voice saying that they are over-protective or interfering.

I realize it today how it feels to not to be counted important enough to worry or care about.

Yes. I realize it today. And I wish everyone else who still behaves irrationally with their near and dear ones should realize it.

You may think that what you are doing is more important or something is not necessary to be said or done. Or that your life is difficult enough to follow with a few simple procedures. For example, not picking up calls, forgetting birthdays and anniversaries, forgetting to inform about minor changes in our life. But it is important for a very few people who find themselves accountable for us even when we don’t.

So, this is my word for the people who don’t care why others care “Change for the better before you regret it!”

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